Reiner Anderl

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In times of global markets, the cost pressure on manufacturing companies in high-wage countries is increasing. One way to deal with globalized markets is to develop new production systems. The German Federal Government supports an initiative for the research on highly adaptable, cyberphysical production systems called Industrie 4.0. In cyberphysical(More)
Parametric design IS a modem approach to product modeling, which associates engineering knowledge with geometry and topology in the product model by means of constraints. Together with the technique of feature based modeling, it has widely affected the development of new CAD-systems. The architecture of so called parametric CAD-systems reflects the impact(More)
Product Life cycle Knowledge (PLK) is the combination of knowledge about a product across its life time and the knowledge about all processes controlling the product life cycle. In other words, it is a kind of fusion of heterogeneous knowledge about the structure, the functions, the life cycle processes, and the operational environment having impact on the(More)
In the globalized economy more and more companies practice worldwide distributed engineering. Local division and global distribution of production and development activities demand tools to support communication processes. In this paper an approach is introduced that enables everyone who is involved in the development of a product to create and modify(More)
Developing complex systems with the Systems Engineering approach requires a close collaboration between engineers. Today, this collaboration is often globalized and performed beyond enterprise boundaries. In order to maximize the engineering outcome and manageability, it is necessary to share and transfer engineering knowledge and intellectual property in a(More)
Processes are very important for the success within many business fields. They define the proper application of methods, technologies and company structures in order to reach business goals. Not only manufacturing processes have to be defined from the start point to their end, also other processes like product development processes need a proper description(More)