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This case report describes the sequential steps that were used to treat unesthetic, white, hard-texture enamel stains of unknown etiology. A tapered fine diamond bur was used to remove superficial enamel followed by the use of an enamel microabrasion compound Opalustre (Ultradent Products Inc). This technique removed the stains and was followed by polishing(More)
This study's aim was to evaluate the degradation rate of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and to quantify its penetration in tooth structure, considering the residence time of bleaching products on the dental enamel. For this study, bovine teeth were randomly divided according to the bleaching product received: Opalescence Xtra Boost 38%, White Gold Office 35%,(More)
The present study evaluated transenamel and transdentinal penetration of hydrogen peroxide during tooth whitening recognized in altered enamel by the presence of cracks or microabrasion. We used 72 experimental units (n=20) obtained from bovine incisors: GI-sound enamel; GII-teeth showing visible enamel cracks (4 mm to 5.7 mm in length); and(More)
[reaction: see text] Contrasting and interesting electrochemical behavior is observed in anodic oxidation of N-substituted p-toluenesulfinamides under controlled current conditions. For sulfinamides derived from secondary alkylamines and primary arylamines, the N-sulfinyl group is removed and the corresponding amines are formed; for sulfinamides derived(More)
Neste trabalho são apresentados os resultados dos estudos do comportamento eletroquímico do eletrodo de níquel em H2SO4 1,0 N, na ausência e na presença de álcool propargílico (Propin-2-ol-1). Observou-se uma forte interação entre o composto orgânico e a superfície do eletrodo. A incidência de um feixe de luz policromática afeta o processo de transferência(More)
A janela eletroquímica do líquido iônico trifluoroacetato de 1-n-butil-3-metilimidazólio foi estudada sobre eletrodos de carbono vítreo e platina em condições estática e dinâmica. Observouse uma drástica diminuição da janela eletroquímica ao trocar o eletrodo de carbono vítreo (4.50 V) pelo de platina (2.50 V). A variação da velocidade de rotação do(More)
The metal ion adsorption properties of the microporous hybrid anilinepropylsilica xerogel were studied using divalent copper, zinc, and cadmium ions in aqueous solutions in concentrations ranging from 10(-4) up to 5x10(-3) moll(-1). At low concentrations the surface of the solid phase presents selectivity for Cu (II), even in competitive conditions. This(More)
This paper discusses the electrochemical behavior of copper, nickel and a copper/nickel alloy in aerated aqueous 0.10 and 1.0 mol L sodium acetate. The data obtained from different electrochemical techniques were analyzed to determine the influence of Ni and Cu on the electrochemical processes of the alloy electrode. The shapes of the potentiodynamic I(E)(More)
This study evaluated the effects of acid etching of the enamel and the combination of different light sources (halogen light, light-emitting diodes [LEDs], and LED/Laser) and the bleaching product on color change, penetration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and cytotoxicity over time. The color change (ΔE) and the amount of H2O2 that permeated the tooth tissue(More)
Neste trabalho são apresentados os resultados da avaliação do comportamento eletroquímico do eletrodo de cobre em N-N dimetilformamida na presença de água, etanol e ácido acético, por voltametria cíclica. O processo de eletrooxidação do eletrodo se inicia no potencial de -0,20 V(ECS). Durante a varredura anódica de potencial foram observados dois picos de(More)