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Keywords: Vehicle routing with multiple deliverymen Vehicle routing with time windows Mixed integer programming Tabu search Ant colony optimization Beverage distribution a b s t r a c t In real life distribution of goods, relatively long service times may make it difficult to serve all requests during regular working hours. These difficulties are even(More)
Keywords: Lot sizing Scheduling Soft drink industry Mixed integer programming Relax-and-fix heuristic a b s t r a c t In this paper we present a mixed integer programming model that integrates production lot sizing and scheduling decisions of beverage plants with sequence-dependent setup costs and times. The model considers that the industrial process(More)
The maximal expected covering location problem (MEXCLP) and its adjusted counterpart (AMEXCLP) compute expected coverage arising only from unqueued calls, whereas the interactive use of the hypercube queueing model (HQM) considers both unqueued and queued calls in this computation. In this note we show that the three models are not strictly comparable(More)
An L-approach for packing (l, w)-rectangles into an (L, W)-rectangle was introduced in an earlier work by Lins, Lins and Morabito. They conjecture that the L-approach is exact and point out its runtime requirements as the main drawback. In this note it is shown that, by simply using a different data structure, the runtime is considerably reduced in spite of(More)