Reinaldo Morabito

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Two sampling campaigns have been carried out along the Sicilian coasts within the frame of a European project (Hic-TBT) financed by the LIFE programme. Snails and sediments have been sampled at 5 stations, characterised by very low (Ustica natural sea reserve), low (Ustica harbour), intermediate (Castellamare and Termini Imerese) and high shipping densities(More)
In this survey we review methods to analyze open queueing network models for discrete manufacturing systems. We focus on design and planning models for job-shops. The survey is divided in two parts: in the first we review exact and approximate decomposition methods for performance evaluation models for single and multiple product class networks. The second(More)
In this study we present straightforward optimization methods to address two problems associated with designing large scale ambulance operations on highways; the question of location and the issue of districting. Previous approaches tackled small scale problem instances using exact hypercube queuing models integrated into optimization procedures mainly due(More)
In an attempt to clarify the mechanism(s) of tributyltin-mediated imposex induction in females of the neogastropod Nucella lapillus, dogwhelks collected in an almost imposex free population were exposed to several treatments for a 3 month-period, and the effects on imposex induction and testosterone/estradiol levels were evaluated. As a positive control,(More)
Recently, it has been demonstrated that the biocide tributyltin (TBT) can interfere with fish sex differentiation, leading to a bias of sex toward males. On the contrary, it is well known that estrogenic compounds can induce fish feminization. Yet, the combined effects of mixtures of androgenic and estrogenic compounds on fish sex differentiation have never(More)
In this paper we present a mixed integer-programming model that integrates production lot sizing and scheduling decisions of beverage plants with sequence-dependent set up costs and times. The model considers that the industrial process produces soft drink bottles in different flavours and sizes, and it is carried out in two production stages: liquid(More)