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Keywords: Vehicle routing with multiple deliverymen Vehicle routing with time windows Mixed integer programming Tabu search Ant colony optimization Beverage distribution a b s t r a c t In real life distribution of goods, relatively long service times may make it difficult to serve all requests during regular working hours. These difficulties are even(More)
We address a variant of the vehicle routing problem with time windows, which includes the decision of how many deliverymen should be assigned to each vehicle in addition to the usual routing and scheduling decisions. This variant is relevant in cases in which many requests should be delivered in busy urban areas on the same day, and the service times at(More)
The maximal expected covering location problem (MEXCLP) and its adjusted counterpart (AMEXCLP) compute expected coverage arising only from unqueued calls, whereas the interactive use of the hypercube queueing model (HQM) considers both unqueued and queued calls in this computation. In this note we show that the three models are not strictly comparable(More)
In this work, we deal with the problem of packing (orthogonally and without overlapping) identical rectangles in a rectangle. This problem appears in different logistics settings, such as the loading of boxes on pallets, the arrangements of pallets in trucks and the stowing of cargo in ships. We present a recursive partitioning approach combining improved(More)