Reinaldo Chacón

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Perou's molecular classification defines tumors that neither express hormone receptors nor overexpress HER2 as triple-negative (TN) tumors. These tumors account for approximately 15% of breast cancers. The so-called basaloid tumors are not always synonymous with TN tumors; they differ in the fact that they express different molecular markers, have a higher(More)
BACKGROUND The spectrum of BRCA1/2 genetic variation in breast-ovarian cancer patients has been scarcely investigated outside Europe and North America, with few reports for South America, where Amerindian founder effects and recent multiracial immigration are predicted to result in high genetic diversity. We describe here the results of BRCA1/BRCA2 germline(More)
A 14-day, randomized, double-blind crossover trial was carried out comparing an oral glucocorticoid, methylprednisolone (MP), against placebo for the relief of pain and other symptoms in 40 terminally ill cancer patients. After the 14-day, double-blind phase was completed, all patients were given MP for 20 days. The daily dose of MP was 32 mg, and end(More)
Preclinical studies suggest that in addition to the well-known direct damage to the myocardium, anthracycline antineoplastic drugs exert toxic effects on the cardiovascular autonomic system as well. To investigate whether this phenomenon occurs in the clinic, we carried out noninvasive, widely used tests of cardiovascular autonomic physiology in 55 women(More)
To determine the incidence of vinca alkaloid (VA)-induced cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN), neoplastic patients were studied. Thirty-three of them were receiving chemotherapy regimens including VAs, and 30 were receiving chemotherapy without VA and were considered controls. Abnormal variation in blood pressure on standing, heart rate during deep(More)
To evaluate the influence of delay between first symptom and first treatment upon survival the medical records of 596 patients with breast cancer were reviewed. The following intervals were considered: less than 3 months; 3-6 months and greater than 6 months. Patients in the less than 3 months delay group had a better distribution by clinical stages and a(More)
One hundred and two patients with advanced solid tumors receiving chemotherapy were treated with metoclopramide (MCP; 100 mg) to prevent emesis. Twenty-six of 102 patients who had more than five episodes of vomiting were considered MCP-resistant and were randomized to receive MCP (100 mg) plus placebo versus MCP plus dexamethasone (DM; 48 mg) iv in a(More)
9066 Background: DFSP is a rare type of soft-tissue tumor accounting for 1,4% of all sarcomas with high propensity to recur locally. Wide local excision is the standard treatment with 15-60% local failure. Mohs surgery technique allows adequate margin control in all directions, appropriate to recurrences or tumors located in difficult areas to achieve free(More)
Juvenile breast cancer is rare and poorly known. We studied a series of five breast cancer patients diagnosed within 25 years of age that included two adolescents, 12- and 15-years-old, and 3 young women, 21-, 21-, and 25-years-old, respectively. All cases were scanned for germline mutations along the entire BRCA1/2 coding sequences and TP53 exons 4–10,(More)