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This paper addresses the following problem: given two business process models, create a process model that is the union of the process models given as input. In other words, the behavior of the produced process model should encompass that of the input models. The paper describes an algorithm that produces a single configurable process model from a pair of(More)
This article addresses the problem of constructing consolidated business process models out of collections of process models that share common fragments. The article considers the construction of unions of multiple models (called <i>merged models</i>) as well as intersections (called <i>digests</i>). Merged models are intended for analysts who wish to(More)
This paper studies the following problem: given a pair of business process models, determine which elements in one model are related to which elements in the other model. This problem arises in the context of merging different versions or variants of a business process model or when comparing business process models in order to display their similarities(More)
Over time, process model repositories tend to accumulate duplicate fragments (also called clones) as new process models are created or extended by copying and merging fragments from other models. This phenomenon calls for methods to detect clones in process models, so that these clones can be refactored as separate subprocesses in order to improve(More)
As organizations reach higher levels of business process management maturity, they often find themselves maintaining very large process model repositories, representing valuable knowledge about their operations. A common practice within these repositories is to create new process models, or extend existing ones, by copying and merging fragments from other(More)
An important feature of spoken language corpora is existence of different spelling variants of words in transcription. So there is an important problem for linguist who works with large spoken corpora: how to find all variants of the word without annotating them manually? Our work describes a search engine that enables finding different spelling variants(More)
It is common for large organizations to maintain repositories of business process models in order to document and to continuously improve their operations. Given such a repository, this paper deals with the problem of retrieving those models in the repository that most closely resemble a given process model or fragment thereof. Up to and on evaluating them(More)
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