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Contingent Objects and the Barcan Formula
It has been argued by Bernard Linsky and Edward Zalta, and independently by Timothy Williamson, that the best quantified modal logic is one that validates both the Barcan Formula and its converse.Expand
Actualism and Higher-Order Worlds
In this paper I develop an actualistically acceptable semantics for quantified modal logic which allows the actualist tomake sense of iterated modal claims that are ostensibly aboutnon-actual objects. Expand
The standard view of metaphysical necessity is that it is truth in all possible worlds, and therefore that the correct modal logic for metaphysi cal necessity is S5, in models of which all worlds areExpand
Fictions within fictions
This paper examines the logic of fictions within fictions. I argue that consistently nested consistent fictions must have certain formal characteristics. The most important is that they form a treeExpand