Rein Kilkson

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We demonstrate that a newly developed instrument which measures all polarization and intensity information contained in differentially and elastically scattered light has valuable applications in biology. The polarization states of light scattered differentially from suspensions of biological scatters are shown to contain structural information about those(More)
The intrinsic birefringence of multiple-coiled DNA is computed in terms of an equally dense array of parallel DNA molecules. The birefringence for n times-coiled DNA molecules is given by [Formula: see text] where beta(o) = 0, beta(i) = tan(-1) (p(i)/2pir(i)), p(i) = period of the i(th) helix coil and r(i) = radius of i(th) helix coil. The formula is(More)
Structural transitions in oligomeric proteins due to ligand binding are important in biomolecular regulatory processes. The transitions may occur on the secondary, tertiary or quarternary structure levels. Detailed consideration of the time sequence of ligand binding to the oligomer shows that there is an intrinsic dynamic asymmetry in all oligomer(More)
Aligned deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules exhibit a large absorption anisotropy in the ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum (11). Also, the UV action spectra of most bacteria resemble the absorption spectrum of DNA (23), implying that inactivation is directly proportional to the UV absorbed by the bacterial DNA. Hence, the UV sensitivity of aligned(More)