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This report describes a method of speech modification to improve the intelligibility of speech. The spectral energy is reallocated by maintaining and emphasizing acoustical features important for speech perception. The method consists of three components: flattening of the spectral tilt, enhancement of the spectral contrast, and holding of the low-frequency(More)
C 23 Here we propose a prototype data-broadcast receiver equipped with a voice synthesizer, which can read out stock prices and stock-price changes from a live data broadcast. Using this receiver, listeners can access their chosen stock information at any time and at an appropriate speech rate. We also propose a high-quality voice synthesizer for use with(More)
Here we propose a sentence-generation method using templates that can be applied to create a speech database. This method requires the recording of a relatively small sentence set, and the resultant speech database can generate comparatively natural sounding synthesized speech. Applying this method to the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) weather report(More)
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