Reiko Miyazaki

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The recent revolution of digital camera technology has resulted in much larger collections of images. Image browsing techniques thus become increasingly important for overview and retrieval of images in sizable collections. This paper proposes CAT (Clustered Album Thumbnail), a technique for browsing large image collections, and its interface for(More)
Single neurons in the mesencephalic nucleus of the fifth nerve and in the rostral brain stem of barbiturate-anesthetized cats were studied in terms of their response to sinusoidal jaw movements at different frequencies and amplitudes. Units were quantitatively characterized by magnitude and phase of their firing rate modulation as a function of frequency,(More)
Occlusion is an important problem to be solved for readability improvement of 3D visualization techniques. This paper presents an occlusion reduction technique for cityscape-style 3D visualization techniques. The paper first presents an algorithm for occlusion reduction. It generates bounding boxes of 3D objects on the 2D display space, moves them to reduce(More)
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