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The primary structure of component C8 of rat proteasomes (multicatalytic proteinase complexes) has been determined by sequencing on isolated cDNA clone. C8 consists of 255 amino acid residues with a calculated molecular weight of 28,417. These values are consistent with those obtained by protein chemical analyses. Computer-assisted homology comparison(More)
In this study, changes in physical fatigue and biological functions of Japanese female soccer players were investigated by determining changes in neutrophil and lymphocyte functions. Study subjects included 18 female soccer players. Body composition, serum myogenic enzymes, neutrophil function, including reactive oxygen species (ROS) production capability,(More)
Proteasomes are multicatalytic proteinase complexes consisting of multiple components. Previously, we reported the cloning and sequencing of cDNA for the largest component, C2, of rat liver proteasomes [Fujiwara, T., Tanaka, K., Kumatori, A., Shin, S., Yoshimura, T., Ichihara, A., Tokunaga, F., Aruga, R., Iwanaga, S., Kakizuka, A., & Nakanishi, S. (1989)(More)
Structural studies on a hereditary abnormal prothrombin, prothrombin Salakta, have been performed to identify the difference responsible for its reduced fibrinogen clotting activity and its reduced esterase activity. Amino acid composition and sequence analyses of a peptide isolated from a lysylendopeptidase digest of the abnormal thrombin indicated that(More)
Proteasomes (multicatalytic proteinase complexes) from rat liver are composed of at least 13 nonidentical components [Tanaka, K., Yoshimura, T., Ichihara, A., Ikai, A., Nishigai, M., Morimoto, M., Sato, M., Tanaka, N., Katsube, Y., Kameyama, K., & Takagi, T. (1988) J. Mol. Biol. 203, 985-996]. The nucleotide sequence of one major component (C2) of the(More)
Rat liver proteasome (multicatalytic proteinase complex) is a 20S-ring shaped particle having a molecular mass of 750 kDa, and is composed of at least 13 non-identical components ranging from 21 to 31 kDa in size. We found here that the NH2-terminal residues of all the known 13 components, except for C5, are not reactive to phenylisothiocyanate. Among them,(More)
Proteasomes are multicatalytic proteinase complexes consisting of a set of non-identical polypeptide subunits. A cDNA for component C5 of rat proteasomes was isolated by screening a Reuber H4TG hepatoma cell cDNA library using synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide probes corresponding to partial amino acid sequences of the protein. The polypeptide deduced from the(More)
There is considerable evidence that, when visual stimuli are presented around the time of a saccade, spatial and temporal perceptions of them are distorted. However, only a small number of previous studies have addressed the perception of a visual image induced by a saccade eye movement (visual image that is dynamically drawn on the retina during a saccade(More)
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