Reijo Suontamo

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The dimerization energies of two M2 to give M 2+ 4 (M = S, Se) were calculated. They depend strongly on the size of the basis set and the correlation method used (ranging from 217 to 522 kJ/mol, M =(More)
Reactions of XeO2F2 with the strong fluoride ion acceptors, AsF5 and SbF5, in anhydrous HF solvent give rise to alpha- and beta-[XeO2F][SbF6], [XeO2F][AsF6], and [FO2XeFXeO2F][AsF6]. The crystal(More)
The composition of a complex equilibrium mixture formed upon dissolution of (Se(6)I(2))[AsF(6)](2).2SO(2) in SO(2)(l) was studied by (77)Se NMR spectroscopy at -70 degrees C with both(More)
The CCl(3)(+) and CBr(3)(+) cations have been synthesized by oxidation of a halide ligand of CCl(4) and CBr(4) at -78 degrees C in SO(2)ClF solvent by use of [XeOTeF(5)][Sb(OTeF(5))(6)]. The(More)
The existence of the trifluoroxenate(II) anion, XeF(3)(-), had been postulated in a prior NMR study of the exchange between fluoride ion and XeF(2) in CH(3)CN solution. The enthalpy of activation for(More)
The 2,2,2-crypt salts of the Tl4Se8(4-) and [Tl2Se4(2-)]infinity1 anions have been obtained by extraction of the ternary alloy NaTl0.5Se in ethylenediamine (en) in the presence of 2,2,2-crypt and(More)
The hydrolysis of (t)BuNTe(mu-N(t)Bu)(2)TeN(t)Bu (1) with 1 or 2 equiv of (C(6)F(5))(3)B.H(2)O results in the successive replacement of terminal imido groups by oxo ligands to give the(More)
The bonding in the highly homoatomic np pi-np pi (n > or = 3)-bonded S2I42+ (three sigma + two pi bonds), the Se-I pi-bonded Se2I42+ (four sigma + one pi bonds), and their higher-energy isomers have(More)