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The middle-ear pressure gain, defined as the ear canal sound pressure to cochlear vestibule pressure gain, GME, and the ear canal sound pressure to stapes footplate velocity transfer function, SVTF, simultaneously measured in 12 fresh human temporal bones for the 0.05 to 10 kHz frequency range are reported. The mean GME magnitude reached 23.5 dB at 1.2 kHz(More)
— In this paper, we investigate scheduling algorithms that are suitable for ATM networks. In ATM networks, atl packets have a fixed small length of 53 bytes and they are transmitted at very high rate. Therefore a time complexity of a scheduling algorithm is quite important. Most scheduling algorithms proposed so far have a complexity of O (log iV) per(More)
Virtual machine (VM) live migration, which is the ability to move a VM from one physical host to another under hy-pervisor control without suspending for a long time, is a capability being increasingly utilized. With IP mobility, a capability for migrating VMs among distributed sites is provided. We call it the global live migration. However, it affects an(More)
High speed computer networks will provide us with new broad band multimedia applications. This paper discusses new functions for the next generation VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) over high speed computer networks. The LoD (Level of Detail) of 3D objects is the most important function for rendering scenes dynamically while managing the QoS(More)