Reid Simmons

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framework for while maintajning the ability to easily integrate platform-specific algorithms. Abstract In this article, we will present an overview of the Coupled Layered Architecture for Robotic Autonomy. CLARAty develops a pamework for generic and reusable robotic components that can be adapted to a number of heterogeneous robot platforms. It also(More)
Nonverbal behaviors play an important role in communication for both humans and social robots. However, hiring trained roboticists and animators to individually animate every possible piece of dialogue is time consuming and does not scale well. This has motivated previous researchers to develop automated systems for inserting appropriate nonverbal behaviors(More)
This paper presents a decision-theoretic planning approach for probabilistic environments where the agent's goal is to win, which we model as maximizing the probability of being above a given reward threshold. In competitive domains, second is as good as last, and it is often desirable to take risks if one is in danger of losing, even if the risk does not(More)
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