Reid Garrett

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Computer games were modified to encourage respiratory effort by two groups of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. One group trained during the first six months of the study, the other during the second six months. Inspiratory effort was increased by their having to breathe through a mask to both start and continue the games. Pulmonary function tests(More)
Serial coagulation studies were obtained in 25 patients treated with intracoronary streptokinase infusion for myocardial infarction (23 patients) or coronary insufficiency (two patients) to determine the frequency of systemic fibrinolytic activity. Clotting studies were obtained before and after infusion and at 4-hour intervals until normalization.(More)
Human performance generally varies in phase with the circadian curve in body temperature. This relationship between performance and core body temperature may be disrupted when exercise causes a pronounced rise in body temperature. In this study the authors compared responses to exercise in the morning and in the evening when pre-exercise body temperature(More)
Pre-exercise body temperature varies throughout the day due to its circadian rhythm. This study aimed to compared responses to sustained exercise in the morning and in evening. Rectal temperature was measured pre-exercise and throughout a 60 min test on a cycle ergometer against a fixed frictional resistance in seven males (aged 19-24 years). The subjects(More)