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We describe a novel real-time depth-mapping camera, the Gainmodulated Axi-Vision Camera, where pulsed laser light is combined with a gain-modulated camera. Depth resolution of 2.4 mm was obtained, which is higher than the resolution of the previously reported depth-mapping Axi- Vision Camera. Pixel-by-pixel depth information of 768 x 493 pixels is(More)
Patterns of bio-active coatings on the inner surfaces of microchannels have been realized using a novel low-temperature, UV-epoxy glass-to-silicon bonding technique. Sucrose is applied as a protection layer for the immobilized bio-functional films during the bonding step. The bio-functional layer is composed of antibody patterns, for binding specific(More)
In this paper, we present a real-time multispectral and multiprimary video system composed of 6-band HDTV camera and 6-primary display, for high fidelity and wide-gamut color reproduction. The 6-channel image signal captured by 6-band HDTV camera is converted to 3-chanel encoding colorimetric signal by a 6x3 matrix multiplication in 6to3 color converter,(More)
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