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This paper reports on a fundamental research for efficient RFID Information retrieval especially in a traceability system. Applying RFID to business application systems has been rapidly spreading now. People's interests concerning the management of commercial products applying RFID are high in the market of the traceability. The activity of the EPC-Global(More)
An information management system concept with a web interface is proposed for integrating food recycling chain managements. The recycling problem is much discussed in various markets such as food, containers and packaging products, home appliances, construction materials, and automobiles. Although the word "recycling" is used over the different recycling(More)
1, I n t roduct i on T h i s paper presents an expert system s h e l l , ca l led ESOCKS, f o r i n t e l l i g e n t r e t r i e v a l of documents stored i n an e lec t ronic f i l i n g system. Docuaient r e t r i e v a l is an important f i e l d . It i s important and it’s poten t ia l applications. a r e varied enough t o j u s t i f y the development(More)
  • Rei Itsuki
  • 2012 15th International Conference on Network…
  • 2012
In this paper, a system design for RFID tag application is reported for a management of arrayed returnable containers. Recently, RFID tags are used in many application systems for managing various commercial goods. Here, returnable containers line up at intervals of tens of centimeters, and information in a RFID tag which is attached to each container is(More)
  • Rei Itsuki
  • 2007 IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and…
  • 2007
This paper picks up and explains some problems on system costs or specifications that we will face when trying to construct a traceability system by using RFID tags. The peripherals including RFID reader are even now expensive because it is not widespread in the market. Because of the sense of comparatively high price of the system cost and the dilemma to(More)
0272-1732/01/$10.00  2001 IEEE There is an ever increasing demand for improved electronic system solutions to support such fields as manufacturing, product distribution and sales, finance, transportation, and customer service. In manufacturing, electronic system solutions strictly control individual product quality. As for product distribution and sales,(More)
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