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One aspect of concern for survivors of Wilms' tumour has been the late outcome in terms of renal function. Previous studies have documented low glomerular filtration rate and high blood pressure in some patients. Furthermore, disorders in tubular function (especially urinary concentration defects) have been suggested but not confirmed in small studies. The(More)
PURPOSE To report novel immunoreactivity in a patient with melanoma-associated retinopathy. DESIGN Retrospective case report and experimental study. METHODS A 32-year-old woman with a history of metastatic melanoma presented with bilateral decreased visual acuity. Electroretinography, Goldmann perimetry, immunohistochemistry, and Western blotting of her(More)
HIV transgenic mice bearing multiple copies of a noninfectious (Deltagag/pol) proviral DNA were tested for the systemic production of nitric oxide (NO). Serum levels of NO metabolites were reduced about 50% in HIV transgenic mice compared with nontransgenic sibling mice. This difference persisted when NO production was induced with peritoneal injections of(More)
PURPOSE During the course of our investigations on cyclic nucleotide dependent-phosphorylation of membrane proteins, we observed that phosducin was present in both the cytosolic and nuclear fractions. It has been suggested that phosducin might have a role in regulating transcription, but its presence in the nucleus has not been previously reported. We(More)
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