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As parallel architectures become mainstream, the issue of writing and debugging parallel programs becomes a major concern for today's computing world. Researchers have shown that different types of concurrency bugs can be effectively detected by checking the validity of various invariants (e.g. inter-thread communication invariants). Existing invariant(More)
To efficiently utilize the resources in cloud computing systems, many allocation algorithms have been studied. In this work, for user requests that have timing constraints (i.e., deadlines), we study time-sensitive resource allocation and virtual machine provisioning schemes in cloud systems. Specifically, considering a cloud system with multiple pools of(More)
Most real-time scheduling algorithms prioritize tasks solely based on their timing parameters and cannot effectively handle them when they have different execution preferences. In this paper, for a set of periodic tasks, where some tasks are preferably executed as soon as possible (ASAP) and others as late as possible (ALAP), we investigate(More)
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