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High performance approximate adders typically comprise of multiple smaller sub-adders, carry prediction units and error correction units. In this paper, we present a <i>low-latency generic accuracy configurable adder</i> to support variable approximation modes. It provides a higher number of potential configurations compared to state-of-the-art, thus(More)
A review of published literature on viral hepatitis infections in Pakistan is presented. A total of 220 abstracts available in the Pakmedinet and Medline have been searched. All relevant articles were reviewed to determine the prevalence of hepatitis viral infections in Pakistan. Two hundred and three (203) relevant articles/abstracts including twenty nine(More)
We present a survey of approximate techniques and discuss concepts for building power-/energy-efficient computing components reaching from approximate accelerators to arithmetic blocks (like adders and multipliers). We provide a systematical understanding of how to generate and explore the design space of approximate components, which enables a wide-range(More)
Approximate adders are widely being advocated as a means to achieve performance gain in error resilient applications. In this paper, a generic methodology for analytical modeling of probability of occurrence of error and the Probability Mass Function (PMF) adders is presented, which can serve as performance metrics for the comparative analysis of various(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to estimate the incremental cost-effectiveness of supplementary immunization activities to prevent neonatal tetanus in the Loralai district of Pakistan. The supplemental immunization activities were carried out in two phases during 2001-03. METHODS A state-transition model was used to estimate the effect of routine vaccination(More)
The extent and nature of irrational prescribing of drugs has not been explored in Pakistan A pilot study was therefore undertaken in three major teaching hospitals located in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Six hundred and one prescriptions from medical, paediatrics and psychiatry units of these hospitals were analyzed to study the prescribing(More)
Approximate adders are widely being advocated for developing hardware accelerators to perform complex arithmetic operations. Most of the state-of-the-art accuracy configurable approximate adders utilize some integrated Error Detection and Correction (EDC) circuitry. Consequently, the accumulated area overhead due to the EDC (integrated within individual(More)