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A spontaneously mannered decentralized network with no formal infrastructure and limited in temporal and spatial extent where each node communicate with each other over a wireless channel and is willing to forward data for other nodes is called as Wireless Ad Hoc network. In this research study, we proposed a routing strategy based on gossip based routing(More)
One of the major requirements of the Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems is to ensure the meaningful image retrieval against query images. CBIR systems provide potential solutions of retrieving semantically similar images from large image repositories against any query image. The performances of these systems severely degrade by the inclusion of(More)
In today's modern life, digital images have significant importance because they have become a leading source of information dissemination. However, the availability of image editing tools made it easier to forge the contents of a digital image; making the authenticity untrustful. Different techniques can be used to forge the digital images. Copy move(More)
In this modern life, the digital images are being considered the main source of information sharing. The digital images are being used in various fields such as medical imaging, news reporting, crime investigation, insurance claims etc. However, in the presence of sophisticated image editing tools, the credibility of digital images is the main concern. The(More)
One of the challenges in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is to reduce the semantic gaps between low-level features and high-level semantic concepts. In CBIR, the images are represented in the feature space and the performance of CBIR depends on the type of selected feature representation. Late fusion also known as visual words integration is applied to(More)
In software development life cycle the most important step is requirement elicitation as all the success of software product depends upon this phase. There are many methods of requirement elicitation exist because this phase is the backbone of software development. All methods are somehow performing well, but there is always a gap between the software(More)
In this Global Village, Wireless Sensor Networks enable Internet of Things Technology to facilitate users by providing control and services over various interconnected physical devices in smart homes that can communicate and exchange data with less user interaction. This paper proposes an Enhanced Secure DNS Name Auto-Configuration for IOT. Massive Scaling(More)
Role-based access control (RBAC) is a widely-used protocol to design and build an access control for providing the system security regarding authorization. Even though in the context of internet resources access, the authentication and access control are providing critical functionalities. In practice, the RBAC model has three perspectives such as Access(More)
One of the major requirements of content based image retrieval (CBIR) systems is to ensure meaningful image retrieval against query images. The performance of these systems is severely degraded by the inclusion of image content which does not contain the objects of interest in an image during the image representation phase. Segmentation of the images is(More)
Network performance is one of the most important entities in today’s long-distance networks. TCP congestion control mechanisms play an important role in these networks. Most of the current TCP congestion control mechanisms which are also known as TCP variants, detect congestion and slow down the packets transmission to avoid further congestion in(More)