Reham Hussein

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Complex regional pain syndrome is characterised by an exaggerated response to injury in a limb with intense prolonged pain, vasomotor disturbance, delayed functional recovery and trophic changes. This review describes the current knowledge of the condition and outlines the methods of treatment available with particular emphasis on the knee.
INTRODUCTION To investigate the adequacy of current early referral guidelines for patients with extremity soft tissue sarcomas. PATIENTS & METHODS 365 patients with confirmed soft tissue sarcomas were evaluated. Data were collected prospectively and included the length of history and the presence of features in current guidelines suggestive of malignancy(More)
Background: Neck pain is the most common and painful musculoskeletal condition which has a great socioeconomic burden on both patients and society. McKenzie protocol results in significant decrease in pain and increase range of motion and functional ability in spinal conditions but there are insufficient data available to determine the efficacy of the(More)
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