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The drugs used in chemotherapy treatments have little specificity, attack tumor cells, and also injure proliferative tissues. Knowledge of the functions of micronutrients has greatly increased, especially of Selenium (Se) that presents immunomodulatory and antitumor functions. The present study evaluated the health-related quality of life of patients(More)
There are reports of globulin abnormalities in various types of tumors during chemotherapy. Recently, even IgE levels seem to play an important role in the tumor's immune response. Trace elements, like Selenium (Se), act as basic components of essential system which play roles in immunology. Chemotherapy has been associated with decrease concentration of Se(More)
Essential to human health, selenium (Se) has enzymatic functions of fundamental importance to human biology due to its effects on DNA damage repair, its antioxidant properties, and cancer prevention. The best studied relationships between Se and the immune system is its role in the functions of neutrophils and of lymphocytes. Despite these observations, it(More)
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