Regis Hoffman

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We present a perception system, called Artisan, that semi-automatically builds 3-D models of a robot’s workspace. Range images are acquired with a scanning laser rangefinder and then processed, based on a systematic sensor characterization, to remove noise and artifacts. Complex 3-D objects represented as surface meshes are subsequently recognized in the(More)
This paper describes a system that semi-automatically builds a virtual world for remote operations by constructing 3-D models of a robot’s work environment. With a minimum of human interaction, planar and quadric surface representations of objects typically found in manmade facilities are generated from laser rangefinder data. The surface representations(More)
LADARs mounted on mobile platforms produce a wealth of precise range data on the surrounding objects and vehicles. The challenge we address is to infer from these raw LADAR data the location and orientation of nearby vehicles. We propose a novel view-dependent adaptive matched filter for obtaining fast and precise measurements of target vehicle pose. We(More)
For an autonomous vehicle, detecting and tracking other vehicles is a critical task. Determining the orientation of a detected vehicle is necessary for assessing whether the vehicle is a potential hazard. If a detected vehicle is moving, the orientation can be inferred from its trajectory, but if the vehicle is stationary, the orientation must be determined(More)