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In this paper we present our experience in using Virtual Reality Technologies to accurately reconstruct and further explore ancient and historic city buildings. Virtual reality techniques provide a powerful set of tools to explore and access the history of a city. In order to explore, visualize and hear such history, we divided the process in three phases:(More)
– A correct and wide coupling of sound to visual applications is still missing in most immersive VR environments, while future and advanced applications tend to demand a more realistic and integrated audiovisual solution to permit complete immersive experiences. Still there is a vast field of investigations till a correct and complete immersive system can(More)
We established a pilot telemedicine network for paediatric oncology in Brazil, linking the School of Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo City to the 'Hospital de Base' in Porto Velho, Rondonia, located in the Amazon region, 3,000 km away. The videoconferencing link used ISDN transmission at 384 kbit/s. The network was used for patient(More)
We introduce a novel approach to implement multimedia rendering platforms, using reconfigurable-oriented hardware/software co-design. Disadvantages of current platforms include a very short obsolescence cycle, communication and computational performance limitations, large sizes of software components, and architectures not prepared to cope with future(More)
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