Regine Bolter

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Measuring the volume of heart ventricles is an important issue in heart disease diagnosis. Therefore many radiologists investigate computer tomographic images, searching for representative projections of the left ventricle. They use parametric models by measuring ellipse parameters in certain images under the assumption that the left ventricle has an(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank Heinz Mayer for preparing me for this work and for bringing me into contact with the people at the Department for Radiology. I'm thankful that Regine Bolter took over the advising and the correction of this master thesis after Heinz left the institute. The people at the Institute for Machine Vision and Graphics are to(More)
The Digital Interactive Venus Atlas (DIVA) is a remote sensing information system for a catalog of SAR radar image data from the Magellan mission to Venus (1990–1994). The system consists of a Java based user interface accessible via the WWW, an image map pyramid covering almost the entire Venusian surface, a remote interface to a data archive and a(More)
Paul Castro, from the Nibble Location System Project, who always found the time to answer my 'pressing questions', Summary The goal of this diploma thesis is to gain an insight into the available methods used for indoor location determination, to select a method respectively application , that will be used within the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (FHV), and to(More)
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