Reginamary Matthews

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Programming is taught as foundation module at the beginning of undergraduate studies and/or during foundation year. Learning introductory programming languages such as Pascal, Basic / C (procedural) and C++ / Java (object oriented) requires learners to understand the underlying programming paradigm, syntax, logic and the structure. Learning to program is(More)
This paper describes the outcome of an evaluation conducted on programming learning objects integrated in an actual lab setting. Learners' experience in using the learning objects is essential to identify design pitfalls and the issues that facilitate or impede learning. The evaluation criterion include: the success of learning objects in the learning(More)
This paper intends to address design issues identified from the evaluation outcome of several types of Learning Object (LO) used in a C programming lab. LO is a small, independent and reusable learning unit that accomplishes a single learning outcome. Due to the size, it is also called as micro learning object. It is also possible, to aggregate several(More)
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