Reginald G. Mason

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A one-stage macroscopic test for platelet agglutination was used to study the effect of thrombin and thrombin-cation mixtures on washed platelets. Conclusions regarding platelet agglutination are as follows: (a) Canine, bovine, or human thrombin alone does not cause agglutination of canine or human platelets. (b) Thrombin with calcium or magnesium causes(More)
In vitro neurophysiological studies have demonstrated a circadian rhythm with a period of 24 h in spontaneous neuronal discharge frequency within the rodent suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) circadian clock. This report examines the 'circadian' firing rate rhythm in the SCN of the homozygous Tau-mutant Syrian hamster which expresses a short period behavioural(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine if 15 min of open-chest cardiac massage (OC-CPR) versus closed-chest compressions (CC-CPR) improves 72-h survival and neurologic outcome (behavioral and histologic) after 5 min of untreated cardiac arrest. METHODS Mongrel dogs were anesthetized and instrumented. Cardiac arrest was induced by KCl injection and after a 5-min(More)
Patients with kidney stones (n = 59) and healthy controls (n = 31) collected a 24-hour urine sample and later underwent a 6-hour 'fast and load' test in which an oral calcium load was taken after 2 hours. In the 24-hour urine sample, mean calcium excretion was higher in patients than controls, while mean urate, oxalate and citrate levels were similar. The(More)
Human platelets separated from blood by six different methods have been compared for aggregability, adhesion to glass, adenine nucleotide content and release, and adenosine triphosphatase and cholinesterase activities. Methods of separation of platelets from blood included three differential centrifugation technics, gel filtration and two albumin density(More)
Whole blood anticoagulated with EDTA was stirred with high concentrations of a microcrystalline bovine dermal collagen preparation in order to study the interactions of blood cells with collagen at the ultrastructural level. Blood from normal subjects and from patients congenitally deficient in Factors VIII or XII or with thrombasthenia or von Willebrands(More)
The renewed interest in endothelial function is based partly on success with tissue culture of endothelial cells. Endothelium functions primarily in the control of blood vessel wall permeability and in the provision of a blood-compatible lining surface. Recent findings indicate that endothelial cells are active metabolically in ways that may help prevent(More)
An unstable hemoglobin variant was identified in a Negro woman with hemolytic anemia since infancy. A splenectomy had been performed when the patient was a child. The anemia was accompanied by erythrocyte inclusion bodies and excretion of darkly pigmented urine. Neither parent of the proposita demonstrated any hematologic abnormality, and it appeared that(More)