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Nairobi is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities and a major business and technology powerhouse in Africa. However, Nairobi currently lacks monitoring technologies to obtain reliable data on traffic and road infrastructure conditions. In this paper, we investigate the use of mobile crowdsourcing as means to gather and document Nairobi's road(More)
According to the UN-HABITAT, the city of Nairobi loses half a million USD daily due to congestion on roads designed for a city 10 times smaller. Therefore, there is a great need for traffic management and awareness solutions. Many existing solutions are unsuitable for cities like Nairobi due to economic constraints, dynamic events, uncertainty, and poor(More)
Rapid urbanization of developing cities creates challenges for governments to update and maintain the city infrastructure. One particular challenge is to plan for road capacities that will sustain the growing demand for surface transportation on the road network. For these cities, a sophisticated road infrastructure that includes sensors (e.g., loop(More)
In this poster, we present a mobile crowdsourcing application, called Afya Ya Barabara (AYB) (which means road health in Kiswahili). The application serves 2 major roles: First is to collect and visualize data on road surface conditions in Nairobi. Second role is as a citizen engagement platform to raise awareness on the state of road conditions in Nairobi(More)
—A design is presented for a nanoelectromechanical optical switch based on the horizontal deflection of an input wave-guide to align with one of two output waveguides. The use of high-index (GaAs) strip waveguides surrounded by air, designed to be single-mode at 1.55 m, significantly decreases device dimensions as compared to previous designs. Design(More)
This paper presents approximation hardness results for three equivalent problems in Boolean function complexity. Consider a Boolean function f on n variables. The rst problem is to minimize the level i in the Ordered Binary Decision Diagram (OBDD) for f at which the number of nodes is less than 2 i?1. We show that this problem is not approximable to within(More)
Driving in developing cities presents numerous challenges. Traffic congestion and traffic accidents are the most visible challenges which are caused by different underlying factors. Two chief factors are poorly planned and maintained roadway infrastructure and the decisions made by the drivers. Drivers are constantly forced to negotiate road hazards, like(More)
Waveguide bends, in the (In,Ga)(As,P) material system, have been simulated, fabricated and tested. A process is developed for waveguides of 1p m through 7pm widths. Waveguides containing S-bends of varying bending radii as well as resonator bends were examined. Inconsistent measurement results were obtained. Improved measurement methods have been suggested.
The graduating class this year is painfully small. Like schools of education across the country, PTP has experienced a decrease in both enrollment and retention the past few years. Numerous factors have contributed to this decrease, including negative media coverage of teaching and teaching jobs; a difficult economy and the increasing challenges of(More)