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This is a study of whether participation in an exercise programme for increasing upper extremity flexibility, strength, and circulation has any effects on symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Two groups (exercise and control) of seven participants each who did repetitive hand motion tasks were studied. The exercise group participated in daily arm,(More)
Glucose tolerance does not improve to the normal level after dialysis; however, our studies showed that the insulin receptor binding to erythrocytes of nondiabetic patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) on hemodialysis was more than that in normal subjects. To understand this apparent anomaly in insulin receptor action and glucose metabolism, we(More)
A system simulating physiologic and pathologic changes in left-ventricular volume is presented. Its purpose is to provide a model to establish the accuracy of current equipment for assessing a heart's performance where the actual volume and size are measurable. The versatility of the model allows a wide range of variability of various parameters for(More)
Surgery for upper gastrointestinal malignancy carries a high postoperative mortality and morbidity risk. The importance of preoperative physiological reserve and intraoperative events in determining clinical outcomes is recognised in the Physiological and Operative Severity Score for the enUmeration of Mortality and Morbidity (POSSUM) score that comprises(More)
The success of any cloud-based application depends on appropriate decisions being taken at each phase of the life cycle of that application coupled with the stage of the organisation’s business strategy at any given time. Throughout the life cycle of a cloud-based project, various stakeholders are involved. This requires a consistent definition of(More)
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