Reginald B. Little

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A three-dimensional finite element model of the proximal tibia has been developed to provide a base line for further modeling of prosthetic resurfaced tibiae. The geometry for the model was developed by digitizing coronal and transverse sections made with the milling machine, from one fresh tibia of average size. The load is equally distributed between the(More)
Graphene and graphene oxide (G-O) have been demonstrated to be excellent filters for various gases and liquids, showing potential applications in areas such as molecular sieving and water desalination. In this paper, the selective trans-membrane transport properties of alkali and alkaline earth cations through a membrane composed of stacked and overlapped(More)
The recent observation of the explosive oxidation of graphene with enhancement for decreasing temperature and the requirements for synchronizing oxidants for collective oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions presented a chemical scenario for the thermal harvesting by the magnetic spin Hall Effect. More experimental data are presented to demonstrate such spin(More)
Strong dense many-spin interactions have been proposed to organize novel orbital dynamics (the Little Effect) for novel chemical and catalytic phenomena. The recent determinations of the relativistic and quantum Hall effects of carriers in graphene under strong magnetic confinement have substantiated the Little Effect. Moreover such nonclassical phenomena(More)
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