Reginald Ajay Bernard

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Intracellular recordings of membrane potentials of mudpuppy lingual cells were made with micropipette electrodes. Three types of cells were distinguished by their responses to chemical stimulation. Surface epithelial (SE) cells outside of taste buds responded with large membrane potential and resistance changes to a variety of stimuli representing the four(More)
Echoplanar fMRI was used to measure changes in cortical activation during the performance of a simple hand movement task under three types of voluntary control. Each of three imaging series alternated a task with rest: passive (in which the experimenter moved the hand), voluntary against low resistance, and voluntary against higher resistance. Contralateral(More)
Neural and behavioral taste responses to NaCl were studied in rats receiving a high-salt diet. Salt preferences and voluntary sodium intake were measured by the 24-h two-bottle choice method over a wide concentration range of NaCl solutions. As expected, the salt-loaded rats showed lower preference responses for all the solutions tested, which were(More)
BACKGROUND Oral habits like thumb sucking and nail biting are pernicious habits that act as an adaptive function in obtaining pleasure and subduing anxiety. These habits may also act as carriers of numerous microorganisms into the oral cavity, of which, Enterobacteriaceae members are transient pathogens, which might result in debilitating systemic(More)
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