Reginald A. Blake

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Activation of human platelets by cross-linking of the platelet low-affinity IgG receptor, the Fc gamma receptor IIA (Fc gamma-RIIA), or by collagen is associated with rapid phosphorylation on tyrosine of the non-receptor tyrosine kinase syk. Phosphorylation is still observed, albeit sometimes reduced, in the presence of a combination of a protein kinase C(More)
Collagen is an important primary stimulus of platelets during the process of hemostasis. As with many other platelet stimuli, collagen signal transduction involves the hydrolysis of inositol phospholipids; however, the mechanisms which underlies this event is not well understood. Neither the collagen receptor nor the isoform of phospholipase C that is(More)
A deterministic method for artifact-free reconstruction from truncated sets of fan-beam projections thatextends the artifact-free zone of fan-beam scanners is presented. Truncated partial sets of projectionsare merged into a complete virtual set of projections before reconstruction through synthetic scannerarrays. The reconstruction from the virtual set of(More)
Satellite remote sensing observations have the potential for efficient and reliable mapping of spatial soil moisture distributions. However, soil moisture retrievals from microwave remote sensing techniques are typically complex due to inherent difficulty in characterizing the interactions among land surface parameters that contribute to the retrieval(More)
Vanadate ions in the presence of H2O2 (peroxovanadate) induce a marked increase in the degree of tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins in human platelets. This increase preceded the onset of platelet shape change and aggregation, and is associated with activation of phospholipase C and increased [32P]phosphorylation of proteins of 47 kDa, a substrate for(More)
We report that activation of phospholipase C (PLC) by cross-linking of the platelet low-affinity Fc gamma receptor II (Fc gamma RII) is inhibited by two structurally distinct tyrosine kinase inhibitors, staurosporine and ST271. This contrasts with PLC activation induced by thrombin and U46619, a thromboxane mimetic, whose receptors have seven transmembrane(More)
—Sun photometric measurements are an important method of measuring the column amount and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols and are frequently used to better understand the impact of aerosols on the Earth's radiative budget. This paper assesses two calibration techniques used for multifilter rotating shadowband radiometers (MFRSRs) and presents the(More)