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Dermal fibroblasts provide a paradigmatic model of cellular adaptation to long-term exogenous stress and ageing processes driven thereby. Here we addressed whether fibroblast ageing analysedex vivo entails genome instability. Dermal fibroblasts from human female donors aged 20-67 years were studied in primary culture at low population doubling. Under these(More)
Methantheline is a strong muscarinic receptor blocking drug used in the treatment of overactive bladder syndrome, hypersalivation and hyperhidrosis. To provide basic information on the pharmacokinetics, magnitude of pharmacodynamic (PD) effects and their correlations with plasma concentrations, we performed a clinical study in 12 healthy subjects receiving(More)
Application of information derived from a three-dimensional model of vasopressin bound to its antidiuretic receptor has resulted in the design and synthesis of a potent analog, [1-deamino, 2-phenylalanine, 7-(3,4-dehydroproline)]-arginine vasopressin; this analog has a specific antidiuretic activity of 13,000 +/- 1,250 units per milligram; noteworthy at(More)
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