Regina Traficante

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This study compared the efficacy of two low-cost interventions for physical activity adoption. Sedentary (N = 194) adults recruited through newspaper advertisements were randomized to receive either a motivationally-matched, individually-tailored intervention (IT) or a standard self-help intervention (ST). Assessments and interventions were delivered by(More)
The development of mHealth applications is often driven by the investigators and developers with relatively little input from the targeted population. User input is commonly limited to "like/dislike" post- intervention consumer satisfaction ratings or device or application specific user analytics such as usability. However, to produce successful mHealth(More)
Patients who participate in cardiac rehabilitation programs (CRP) experience significant improvements in quality of life, rehospatilization rates, and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. The potential efficacy of CRP is limited however, by significant program dropout rates and poor patient adherence to prescribed exercise regimens following(More)
Little is known about the perceived barriers to quitting smoking among alcohol abusers. In addition to the usual barriers perceived by smokers, alcohol dependent smokers may have a few barriers unique to their addictive lifestyle. The Barriers to Quitting Smoking in Substance Abuse Treatment (BQS-SAT) was administered to 96 alcohol dependent smokers in(More)
BACKGROUND Students at community colleges comprise nearly half of all U.S. college students and show higher risk of heavy drinking and related consequences compared to students at 4-year colleges, but no alcohol safety programs currently target this population. OBJECTIVE To examine the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of an alcohol(More)
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