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For future application scenarios of resource constrained and low cost smart cooperating objects, miscellaneous technologies for wireless connectivity are existing or upcoming in the near future. But further cross domain middleware and dedicated communication protocols to provide syntactic and semantic interoperability and not only technical interoperability(More)
The first aim of this study was to compare an ambulatory five-lead ECG system with the commercially available breast belt measuring devices; Polar S810i and Suunto t6, in terms of R-R interval measures and heart rate variability (HRV) indices. The second aim was to compare different HRV spectral analysis methods. Nineteen young males (aged between 22 and 31(More)
OBJECTIVE In a difficult and demanding environment such as the operating room, the individual workload response of physicians is of particular importance. The aim of this study was to examine the specific effects of intraoperative stress on the cardiovascular system by measuring heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV). METHODS In a(More)
BACKGROUND Working in the operating room is characterized by high demands and overall workload of the surgical team. Surgeons often report that they feel more stressed when operating as a primary surgeon than in the function as an assistant which has been confirmed in recent studies. In this study, intra-individual workload was assessed in both(More)
BACKGROUND In the environment as well as in the vertebrate intestine, Listeriae have access to complex carbohydrates like maltodextrins. Bacterial exploitation of such compounds requires specific uptake and utilization systems. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We could show that Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species contain genes/gene products(More)
For Service-oriented Architectures, Web Services are claimed as state of the art to connect business execution layers as well as networking devices. Additionally, the deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks became applicable over the last years. The usage of application layer gateways and proxy concepts allow the integration of these sensor networks into(More)
In this report we examine the PEP-dependent phosphotransferase systems (PTSs) of Listeria monocytogenes EGD-e, especially those involved in glucose and cellobiose transport. This L. monocytogenes strain possesses in total 86 pts genes, encoding 29 complete PTSs for the transport of carbohydrates and sugar alcohols, and several single PTS components,(More)
This study presents a new robust method of developing quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models based on fuzzy mappings. An important issue in QSAR modelling is of robustness, i.e., model should not undergo overtraining and model performance should be least sensitive to the modelling errors associated with the chosen descriptors and(More)