Regina Stoll

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The first aim of this study was to compare an ambulatory five-lead ECG system with the commercially available breast belt measuring devices; Polar S810i and Suunto t6, in terms of R–R interval measures and heart rate variability (HRV) indices. The second aim was to compare different HRV spectral analysis methods. Nineteen young males (aged between 22 and 31(More)
For future application scenarios of resource constrained and low cost smart cooperating objects, miscellaneous technologies for wireless connectivity are existing or upcoming in the near future. But further cross domain middleware and dedicated communication protocols to provide syntactic and semantic interoperability and not only technical interoperability(More)
The intracellular metabolism of Listeria monocytogenes was studied by (13)C-isotopologue profiling using murine J774A.1 macrophages as host cells. Six hours after infection, bacteria were separated from the macrophages and hydrolyzed. Amino acids were converted into tert-butyl-dimethylsilyl derivatives and subjected to gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.(More)
PrfA is the major transcriptional activator of most virulence genes of Listeria monocytogenes. Its activity is modulated by a variety of culture conditions. Here, we studied the PrfA activity in the L. monocytogenes wild-type strain EGD and an isogenic prfA deletion mutant (EGDDeltaprfA) carrying multiple copies of the wild-type prfA or the mutant prfA*(More)
The human pathogen L. monocytogenes is a facultatively intracellular bacterium that survives and replicates in the cytosol of many mammalian cells. The listerial metabolism, especially under intracellular conditions, is still poorly understood. Recent studies analyzed the carbon metabolism of L. monocytogenes by the (13)C isotopologue perturbation method in(More)
UNLABELLED Aim was to elucidate autonomic responses to dynamic and static (isometric) exercise of the lower limbs eliciting the same moderate heart rate (HR) response. METHOD 23 males performed two kinds of voluntary exercise in a supine position at similar heart rates: static exercise (SE) of the lower limbs (static leg press) and dynamic exercise (DE)(More)
BACKGROUND In the environment as well as in the vertebrate intestine, Listeriae have access to complex carbohydrates like maltodextrins. Bacterial exploitation of such compounds requires specific uptake and utilization systems. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We could show that Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species contain genes/gene products(More)
Listeria monocytogenes is able to efficiently utilize glycerol as a carbon source. In a defined minimal medium, the growth rate (during balanced growth) in the presence of glycerol is similar to that in the presence of glucose or cellobiose. Comparative transcriptome analyses of L. monocytogenes showed high-level transcriptional upregulation of the genes(More)
This study, under the variational Bayes (VB) framework, infers the parameters of a Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy filter having deterministic antecedents and stochastic consequents. The aim of this study is to take advantages of the VB framework to design fuzzy-filtering algorithms, which include an automated regularization, incorporation of statistical noise models,(More)