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For Service-oriented Architectures, Web Services are claimed as state of the art to connect business execution layers as well as networking devices. Additionally, the deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks became applicable over the last years. The usage of application layer gateways and proxy concepts allow the integration of these sensor networks into(More)
—Most solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) come equipped with their own architectural concepts which raise the problem of possible incompatibility of computer networks and the WSN. Often gateway concepts are used to overcome this problem. But this is not the best solution on the long term. Other research fields and industrial domains are heading for(More)
BACKGROUND In the environment as well as in the vertebrate intestine, Listeriae have access to complex carbohydrates like maltodextrins. Bacterial exploitation of such compounds requires specific uptake and utilization systems. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We could show that Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species contain genes/gene products(More)
This paper deals with the development of a computer model to estimate the subjective workload score of individuals by evaluating their heart-rate (HR) signals. The identification of a model to estimate the subjective workload score of individuals under different workload situations is too ambitious a task because different individuals (due to different body(More)
—This study, for any unknown physical process = (1. . .), is concerned with the: 1) fuzzy partition of-dimensional input space = 1 into different clusters, 2) estimating the process behavior = () for a given input = (1) , and 3) fuzzy approximation of the process, with uncertain input–output identification data (()) (()) =1 ... , using a Sugeno type fuzzy(More)