Regina Stella Spagnuolo

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RATIONALE AND AIM The aims of the Cochrane systematic reviews are to make readily available and up-to-date information for clinical practice, offering consistent evidence and straightforward recommendations. In 2004, we evaluated the conclusions from Cochrane systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials in terms of their recommendations for clinical(More)
Changes in nurse healthcare practices, especially for projects such as Brazil's Family Health Program, prompted us to study the related communication processes. A review of the literature from January 1994 through to December 2004 examined 26 papers in Brazilian and international periodicals, four dissertations, three theses and four books in the BIREME(More)
As comparações internacionais auxi-liam na compreensão de importantes determinantes relacionados à política de saúde dos países. Um estudo que comparou indicadores como baixo peso ao nascer, mortalidade neonatal, morta-lidade pós-natal, expectativa de vida e anos potenciais de vida perdidos em 13 países desenvolvidos concluiu que uma forte orientação para a(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the literature regarding the application of the notion of user embracement and to identify the contributions of this concept for primary health care practices in Brazil. METHOD We carried out an integrative review of the literature regarding primary health care. The following databases were searched: LILACS, SciELO, and MEDLINE,(More)
OBJECTIVE We refer to the effectiveness (known as pragmatic or real world) and efficacy (known as explanatory or desired or ideal world) of interventions. However, these terms seem to be randomly chosen by investigators who design clinical trials and do not always reflect the true purpose of the study. A pragmatic-explanatory continuum indicator summary(More)
This was a qualitative study with the purpose of designing a meta-model for the work process of the Family Health Strategy (FHS) team. It was based on the experience of six sample groups, composed of their members (physicians, professional nurses, dentists, dental assistants, licensed technical nurses and community health agents) in a city in São Paulo(More)
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