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Beyond the bounds of the ethnic: for postmigrant cultural and social research
ABSTRACT This article draws on an ongoing self-reflexive debate in German migration research. It is considered that migration research has much contributed to (re)produce subject categories andExpand
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Notes on Editors and Contributors
Prof. dr hab. Anna Duszak was Professor of Linguistics and Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw. Her research interests included (critical) discourse analysis, textExpand
Reflexive Mediterranisation: Mobilities, Economies, and the Cultural Remittance of Imaginaries
This contribution starts from the assumption that Europe is shaped and constructed by a globally entangled, internal ‘geography of imagination‘ (Michel-Rolph Trouillot), rendering Europe itself as anExpand
Global Heimat Germany. Migration and the Transnationalization of the Nation-State
Author(s): Romhild, Regina | Abstract: The article explores the increasing gap between the cultural dynamics of transnationalization in Germany and the national self-perception of the German society.Expand
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Chapter 6 Across Social Categories and Boundaries: Transnational Mobilities and Interculturality
When I met Yorgos for the first time I was spending some time as a tourist in a small village in Southern Crete, Greece, which I later called Pousos. This was after several returns as a travelingExpand
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Futures of Modernity: An Introduction
Global risks, mobilities and interdependencies transnationalize local life and working worlds. These processes lead to an inner globalization of societies in which worldwide constellations ofExpand