Regina Moka

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The action of the macromolecular inducer glycoprotein on sexual reproduction in the green alga Volvox carteri can be modified by altering the external (intraspheroidal) cAMP concentration. Direct proof for the presence of cAMP in the spheroids is given. Protein binding assay and HPLC-fluorimetric analysis independently demonstrate the existence of cAMP in(More)
A fast and sensitive radioimmunoassay for 3':5'cyclic AMP based on a monoclonal antibody has been worked out. Mice were immunized with protein-conjugated 2'-O-succinyl-3':5'-cyclic AMP. The monoclonal antibody detects 0.1 and 1 pmole cAMP with succinyl cAMP (125I)iodotyrosine methyl ester and (3H) cAMP, respectively, as tracers. It shows no cross-reactivity(More)
Cell Lineages, Mutation, Sexual Induction, Volvox carteri Pheromone-initiated sexual reproduction of Volvox carteri f. nagariensis is started by a “spontaneous” generation of sexual male spheroids at a rate of 10~4. As previously suggested, these males are mutants ( which become independent of pheromone-controlled sexinduction. Unequivocal evidence(More)
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