Regina Messer

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This study aims to develop a reproducible rat model for post-traumatic bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ). In our previous studies using dental extraction as an inducing factor, only 30%-60% of zoledronate-treated animals fulfilled the definition of clinical BRONJ. We modified the zoledronate regimen and introduced repeated surgical(More)
In eucaryotic cells, immature mRNA is normally restricted to the nucleus, where it is posttranscriptionally processed to mature mRNA. The intranuclear binding site for both the immature and mature mRNA is thought to be the nuclear matrix which serves as a platform for posttranscriptional RNA maturation and transport. The selectivity of nucleocytoplasmic(More)
The expression of the ovalbumin gene in hen oviduct decreases during ageing. Northern transfer of electrophoretically fractionated total RNA from oviducts of mature egg-laying and old non-egg-laying hens, and hybridization to nick-translated plasmid pOV230 (ovalbumin complementary DNA cloned into pMB9) revealed with age increasing concentrations of distinct(More)
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