Regina Mericske Stern

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The present study investigated flat affect in schizophrenia within a multicomponent model of emotions in which affects were identified with the expression or display of feelings. Display, as well as other components of emotion, such as subjective experience and psychophysiological reactivity, were examined as 24 schizophrenic inpatients (12 with flat(More)
Certain welding fumes contain significant amounts of chromium, manganese, and nickel, and trace amounts of arsenic and lead. These metals exhibit mutagenicity in one or more in vitro bioassays, and several are strongly suspected human carcinogens, albeit in unknown forms. It might, therefore, be expected that welders experience an excess risk of respiratory(More)
PURPOSE The phenomenon of developing a certain tactile sensibility through osseointegrated dental implants is called osseoperception. Active tactile sensibility can be tested by having the subject bite on test bodies. The aim of the study was to describe the active tactile sensibility of single-tooth implants based on the 50% value and the slope of the(More)
The phase angle, alpha, between a tonal signal and a tonal masker was varied from 0 degrees to 135 degrees in simultaneous masking, forward masking, and pulsation-threshold paradigms. In all conditions the frequency of the signal and masker was 500 Hz. For forward masking both diotic (MOSO) and dichotic (MOS pi) listening conditions were investigated. Only(More)
The net thoracic magnetic moment of 58 highly exposed nonsmoking shipyard welders and 13 unexposed nonsmoking electricians was measured with an alternating current susceptibility bridge. The welding cohort exhibits a thorax magnetic moment, which on the average is less diamagnetic than that of the controls. This shift is consistent with a median lung burden(More)
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