Regina Martins Delgado Rodrigues

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A variety of gingival enlargements can occur in children, but they are rarely observed in the infant. The aim of this study is to present a case of a ten-month old male patient, with an anterior mandibular hamartoma associated to natal teeth, and to describe the clinical and histological characteristics of this anomaly and the treatment performed.
The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that the presence of a subaortic ridge associated with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) is related to a malaligned ventricular septum caused by anterior or posterior deviation of the infundibular septum with or without obstructive lesions of the aortic arch. Thirty-two of 295 patients in whom a diagnosis(More)
AIM To investigate the influence of hypotonic parenteral hydration on serum and urinary sodium and osmolality in infants with moderate bronchiolitis. METHODS We studied 36 infants (mean age 3.7 ± 2.3 months), with a diagnosis of moderate bronchiolitis admitted to a paediatric emergency unit in São Paulo, Brazil. Patients received a standard parenteral(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate early postoperative results of modified Cooley's technique of ventricular endoaneurysmorrhaphy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eight patients, seven males, with ages ranging 38.0 to 67.0 years (m = 51.2 +/- 11.4 years) and with postinfarction left ventricular aneurysms were submitted to surgical repair by a modified Cooley's technique of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the value of recurrent anginal symptoms combined with seriation of conventional EKG in detecting coronary restenosis (renarrowing > or = 50% at the site dilated) after PTCA. Two hundred and seventy patients (204 men, mean age 53.1 +/- 9.4 years) with angina who submitted to successful PTCA of single-vessel coronary disease were followed(More)
From the group of patients follow-up at the arrhytmias out-patients clinic of the Institute of Cardiology from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, one hundred (100) patients were selected in order to evaluate the efficacy, benefits and side effects of short term use (minimum of 3 months) of amiodarone. During the period of study, the authors had found that average(More)