Regina Lohmayer

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Novel insights are provided regarding aerobic chemolithotrophic growth of Thermocrinis ruber OC14/7/2 on the electron donors arsenite and monothioarsenate. Thermocrinis ruber is a hyperthermophilic(More)
Molybdenum precipitates preferentially under reducing conditions; therefore, its occurrence in sediment records is used as an indicator of paleoredox conditions. Although thiomolybdates (MoO4-xSx(2-)(More)
Arsenic, a common poison, is known to react with sulfide in vivo, forming thioarsenates. The acute toxicity of the inorganic thioarsenates is currently unknown. Our experiments showed that a fourfold(More)
Iron-rich organic flocs are frequently observed in surface waters of wetlands and show a high affinity for trace metal(loid)s. Under low-flow stream conditions, flocs may settle, become buried, and(More)
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