Regina Jose

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Lattice-based Monte Carlo simulations are performed to study a confined liquid crystal system with a topological disclination line entangling a colloidal nanoparticle. In our microscopic study the disclination line is stretched by moving the colloid, as in laser tweezing experiments, which results in a restoring force attempting to minimize the disclination(More)
We investigate the phase sequence of biaxial liquid crystals, based on a general quadratic model Hamiltonian over the relevant parameter space, with a Monte Carlo simulation which constructs equilibrium ensembles of microstates, overcoming possible (free) energy barriers (combining entropic and frontier sampling techniques). The resulting phase diagram(More)
Investigations of the phase diagram of biaxial liquid-crystal systems through analyses of general Hamiltonian models within the simplifications of mean-field theory (MFT), as well as by computer simulations based on microscopic models, are directed toward an appreciation of the role of the underlying molecular-level interactions to facilitate its(More)
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