Regina-Celeste S Ahmad

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A20 is a cytoplasmic protein required for the termination of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-induced signals. We show here that mice doubly deficient in either A20 and TNF or A20 and TNF receptor 1 developed spontaneous inflammation, indicating that A20 is also critical for the regulation of TNF-independent signals in vivo. A20 was required for the termination(More)
Muramyl dipeptide (MDP), a product of bacterial cell-wall peptidoglycan, activates innate immune cells by stimulating nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 2 (NOD2) -dependent activation of the transcription factor NFkappaB and transcription of proinflammatory genes. A20 is a ubiquitin-modifying enzyme that restricts tumor necrosis factor(More)
We present two women with the fragile X syndrome (Martin-Bell syndrome) and autism. Both are mentally retarded, one mildly and one severely. Cytogenetic studies showed a high percentage of lymphocytes with the fragile X chromosome and inactivation occurring preferentially in the normal X chromosome. Autism is shown to be a severe behavioral and cognitive(More)
We investigated the possibility that fra(X) heterozygotes had a distinct or specific set of mental deficits ("cognitive profile") which would allow for accurate diagnosis. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) subtest scores obtained on 8 fra(X) school age girls were compared with similar scores obtained on 8 "learning-disabled" non(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the cytokine responses associated with T cell epitopes from human cartilage glycoprotein 39 (HC gp-39) and the potential for modifying cytokine secretion using altered peptide ligands (APLs). METHODS Draining lymph node cells were harvested from HLA-DR*0401 transgenic mice that had been immunized with HC gp-39. Cytokine responses to 5(More)
Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a group of rare, inherited, blistering diseases that typically present in infancy. EB is not curable, and treatment is entirely supportive. There is a paucity of standardized recommendations to guide management. To assess the current state of EB care, an original online survey was conducted targeting attending physicians(More)
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