Regina Carlisle

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Studies based on hospital populations reported from negro communities in several countries in Africa suggest that cerebrovascular disease (CBVD) shows increasing mortality and morbidity in Africans although 2 decades ago CBVD was believed to be uncommon. We report the first study in the African to determine the incidence of stroke in an urban area, Ibadan,(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relation between out of hours activity of general practice and accident and emergency services with deprivation and distance from accident and emergency department. DESIGN Six month longitudinal study. SETTING Six general practices and the sole accident and emergency department in Nottingham. SUBJECTS 4745 out of hours(More)
OBJECTIVE Adhesive interactions between tumor cell surface receptors and endothelial cell adhesion molecules are thought to contribute to tumor cell arrest and extravasation during hematogenous metastasis. Recent reports suggest that melanoma cell integrin alpha4beta1 (very late antigen-4, VLA-4) interaction with the inducible cell adhesion molecule,(More)
BACKGROUND The NHS Plan promises an equitable distribution of resources within primary care. To inform the debate on the extent to which resources should be redistributed we examined the association between primary care activity and deprivation. We used the natural experiment of the organization of primary care in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where town(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to address some current issues concerning the use of general practice and accident and emergency (A & E) services outside normal surgery hours. METHOD Six general practices in Nottingham (with a combined population of 46,698 patients) were recruited to take part in the study. Over a six month period, data were collected(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of deprivation on variations in general practitioners' referral rates using the Jarman underprivileged area (UPA(8)) score as a proxy measure. DESIGN Cross sectional survey of new medical and surgical referrals from general practices to hospitals (determined from hospital activity data). SETTING All of the 183 general(More)
BACKGROUND Cooperative group (CG) provided consent forms (CGP-CFs) undergo re-review and revision by local institutional review boards (IRB) before institutional approval. We compared the relative readability and length of IRB-approved consent forms (IRB-CFs) used at seven academic institutions with their corresponding CGP-CFs. We also assessed the(More)
BACKGROUND The best way for practices to determine the health status of patients living in areas with different socioeconomic characteristics is unclear. AIMS To see how much SF-36 health status varies between electoral wards, how much of this variation can be explained by census-derived Jarman and Townsend scores, and compare the performance of census(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care teams have to supply travel health advice to increasing numbers of long haul travelers but there is a shortage of information derived from general practice settings about the risks patients are exposed to. We aimed to determine the numbers of our patients visiting high-risk destinations, to see if they reported complying with health(More)