Regina Célia Popim

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OBJECTIVE To understand the elderly's perception of their current condition. METHODOLOGY Study undertaken in 2012 using the qualitative method of Minayo and the thematic analysis according to Bardin's suggestions. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews that took place in the homes of the elderly people. The guiding question was: At this(More)
The authors intend to unveil facets of the meaning of mother's care who has lost her baby at the end of pregnancy, in the nursery labor view. For that, they used a Qualitative Research Methodology. The phenomenological methodology of inquiry allowed them to reach the subject of the study. The data were collected from obstetric office employees that answered(More)
The aim of this paper was to establish the demographic profile of an at-risk group for skin cancer and to assess the preventive measures taken by the studied individuals and by the employer. The methods chosen was a quantitative study with a sample of 33 mail carriers from the Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos in Botucatu, Brazil. Information(More)
This was a qualitative study in which the aim was to describe how fourth and sixthyear undergraduate students of human medicine deal with situations involving death. The theoretical-methodological reference framework of phenomenology was used. Both the fourth and the sixthyear students considered that death was a taboo subject, given that it was little(More)
The study was realized among oncological nurses in their daily work routine and aimed to understand these professionals' subjective action, starting from their relation with patients, adopting a phenomenological reference framework based on the ideas of Alfred Schütz. The question: what does working in oncological care mean to you? Please describe, was used(More)
The author's propose is to reveal the meaning of the perinatal death seen by mothers. For that, they used a qualitative methodology which makes possible a comprehensive analysis of mother's statements who are passing by this situation in the hospitals. The convergences of these speeches are analysed and they make possible the identification in some(More)
This study aimed to identify the demographic and epidemiological characteristics of men with prostate cancer, assisted at the Botucatu School Hospital/UNESP between January 1, 2000 and January 31, 2003. The data collected from 78 of 94 medical records included educational level, tobacco use, marital status, year of birth, diagnosis and symptoms. A(More)
The study consisted of one historical retrospect of how the course Fundamental of Nursing is being oriented in man focus and the of assistance of nursing given to him. It describes and analyses an experience which has been realized by teachers of course Fundamental of Nursing in the Nursing School of Ribeirão Preto at University of São Paulo. It consists of(More)
OBJECTIVE This research aimed to understand the motivation for reporting adverse events from the perspective of nursing staff in the work environment. METHOD Qualitative study that used the phenomenology of Alfred Schutz for reference, which offers a systematic approach to understand the social aspects of human action. Data were collected by open(More)
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