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Primary Human T Lymphocytes Engineered with a Codon-Optimized IL-15 Gene Resist Cytokine Withdrawal-Induced Apoptosis and Persist Long-Term in the Absence of Exogenous Cytokine1
IL-15 is a common γ-chain cytokine that has been shown to be more active than IL-2 in several murine cancer immunotherapy models. Although T lymphocytes do not produce IL-15, murine lymphocytesExpand
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Recognition of Fresh Human Tumor by Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Transduced with a Bicistronic Retroviral Vector Encoding a Murine Anti-p53 TCR
The p53 protein is markedly up-regulated in a high proportion of human malignancies. Using an HLA-A2 transgenic mouse model, it was possible to isolate high-avidity murine CTLs that recognize classExpand
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