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BACKGROUND Mortality in the first months of antiretroviral therapy (ART) is a significant clinical problem in sub-Saharan Africa. To date, no post-mortem study has investigated the causes of mortality in these patients. METHODS HIV-positive adults who died as in-patients at a Johannesburg academic hospital underwent chart-review and ultrasound-guided(More)
Dual-boosted protease inhibitors (DBPI) are an option for salvage therapy for HIV-1 resistant patients. Patients receiving a DBPI in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study between January1996 and March 2007 were studied. Outcomes of interest were viral suppression at 24 weeks. 295 patients (72.5%) were on DBPI for over 6 months. The median duration was 2.2 years. Of(More)
Studies of the association between inappropriate antibiotic therapy and mortality among bacteremic patients have generated conflicting findings. We systematically reviewed these studies to identify methodological heterogeneity that may explain the lack of agreement. We identified 51 articles that met the inclusion criteria, and we extracted the following(More)
BACKGROUND In South Africa, CD4 count results are typically available within a week of testing. However, 35%-55% of newly diagnosed HIV-positive patients do not return for their CD4 results and therefore, do not access further care. We evaluated the impact of a CD4 count result and patient written information provided immediately after diagnosis on(More)
BACKGROUND Point-of-care CD4 testing can provide immediate CD4 reporting at HIV-testing sites. This study evaluated performance of capillary blood sampling using the point-of-care Pima™ CD4 device in representative primary health care clinics doing HIV testing. METHODS Prior to testing, prescribed capillary-sampling and instrument training was undertaken(More)
BACKGROUND Severity of illness is an important confounder in outcome studies involving infectious diseases. However, it is unclear whether the time at which severity of illness is measured is important. METHODS We performed a retrospective study of 328 episodes of gram-negative bacteremia in adult patients to assess the impact of the time of measurement(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear whether appropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy improves outcomes in patients with bacteremia due to Escherichia coli or Klebsiella. The objective of this study is to assess the impact of appropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy on in-hospital mortality and post-infection length of stay in patients with Escherichia coli or(More)
Enterobacter species are increasingly a cause of nosocomial meningitis among neurosurgery patients, but risk factors for these infections are not well defined. A review of all adult patients hospitalized at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center during an 8-year period identified 15 postneurosurgical cases of Enterobacter meningitis(More)
The South African HIV National Strategic Plan (NSP) aims to provide access to appropriate treatment, care and support to 80% of the HIV-infected population by 2011. By mid-2008, highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) was being dispensed to about half the HIV-infected population in need. Reaching the NSP targets will require full mobilisation of all(More)
A retrospective record review was conducted for patients down referred to primary health care facilities between 2007 and 2009 to assess the rate and reported reasons for loss to follow-up among stable antiretroviral patients in a down-referral model of care in Johannesburg, South Africa. Missing patients were traced telephonically. Of 3361 patients down(More)