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PURPOSE We assess the incidence of macular changes in ROP patients with retinal hemorrhages. PATIENTS AND METHODS The premature group consisted of 360 children born 32 weeks gestation and/or with weight below 1,500 g. We used the RetCam-120 Digital Retinal Camera to document retinal changes. RESULTS Of the 360 premature infants 241 (67%) had no ROP, and(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study was evaluation of the rate of posterior capsule opacification after extracapsular cataract extraction with and without implantation of intraocular lens. MATERIAL AND METHOD The clinical material comprised 77 patients operated on in the years 1990-1994. Only the cases in which visual acuity exceeded 5/10 were included into the(More)
To evaluate cellular immunity in children with uveitis, we used the flow cytometry method to study the T lymphocyte subpopulation in peripheral blood. Cytometric analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes using fluorochrome-marked monoclonal antibodies was carried out in 29 children aged 6-18 years with parasitic uveitis (group A) and with uveitis of another(More)
Evaluation of lymphocyte in children with uveitis basing on the study of T lymphocyte subpopulation in the peripheral blood using the flow cytometry method is presented. Cytometric analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes using fluorochrome-marked monoclonal antibodies was carried out in 29 children, aged 6-18, with parasitic uveitis (group A) and with(More)
Open anterior fontanel cerebral ultrasonography was performed in 113 children aged between 1 month and 2 years, infants with purulent meningitis and encephalitis. It revealed early CNS complications in 50 patients (44.2%). The treatment protocol was adjusted for different types of complications. All children were discharged home and referred for further(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of our study was to evaluate the results of the operation on squint with pathological attachment of lateral rectus revealed during surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study involved 22 children (12 girls and 10 boys) out of 320 children operated on for squint in the years 1993-1996, who had pathological attachment of lateral rectus.(More)
MATERIAL A case of a 14-year-old boy with recurrent idiopathic bilateral uveitis. METHODS Detection of Helicobacter pylori infection basing on endoscopic examination of upper alimentary tract and eradication of this factor using specific therapy leading to extinction of active uveitis in both eyes. RESULTS Helicobacter pylori may be the etiological(More)