Regina A Masters

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Blastocysts isolated from sheep (Day 14--16), pigs (Day 16) and cows (Day 19) during the pre-attachment elongation phase were cultured for up to 30 h in a modified MEM medium in the presence of radioactive amino acids (L-[14C]leucine or L-[35S]methionine) to label protein and D-[3H]glucosamine to label complex saccharides. All the blastocysts released(More)
In the pig, temporospatially regulated proliferation of uterine luminal (LE) and glandular (GE) epithelium between birth (postnatal day=PND 0) and PND 15 is essential for success of endometrial development. Exposure of gilts to estrogen (E) or relaxin (RLX) during this period disrupts uterine development, and neonatal E exposure can compromise adult uterine(More)
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